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Pebbles Honey

08/07/2015 3:00 PM EDT

2015-08-07 15:00:00 2015-08-07 15:30:00 America/Aruba Kokoskaa Release Pebbles Honey www.kokoskaa.com Kokoskaa info@kokoskaa.com


Welcome to Kokoskaa!

We help create stronger, closer bonds between parents and their children.

Kokoskaa Cares
Parents today live busy lives filled with work and personal responsibilities that often keep their hands and attention focused elsewhere. That’s why we at Kokoskaa are so passionate about nurturing the bonds parents have with their children.
We believe that the key to cultivating a powerful, personal relationship with your baby starts by keeping them close. Our American-made, premium quality Kokoskaa slings and wraps are designed to look fashionable, be functional, and fit your budget. We don’t just care about making quality products, we care about the parents and the children who love them.
  1. Kokobu
    Onbuhimo-style carrier designed with your little one's comfort in mind. Our Kokobu features leg-out padding as well as a hood for those wonderful cuddly naps. The panel is the perfect length for being worn between you and baby, creating the comfortable seat that is desired with any wrap-carry.
    Kokobus come in 3 styles: full wrap conversion, half wrap/canvas conversion, or full canvas. For exact sizes please see size chart.
    Difficulty level:
  2. Baby wraps
    Soft, comfortable and designed to keep your little bundle of joy all wrapped up and cozy, Kokoskaa's baby wraps come in a variety of beautiful designs and color patterns.
    Give yourself the freedom to stay on the go and hands free while keeping your baby close. We carry budget, standard and exclusive wraps with variety of blends. Sizes from 2 to 7. For exact sizes please see size chart.
    Difficulty level:
  3. Ring slings
    As gorgeous as they are handy, our one-shoulder ring slings give you the flexibility and mobility to make quick adjustments to keep your baby comfortable and close.
    We also give you the option to choose your favorite fabric and ring colors, and between unique shoulder designs such as floating gathered, gathered or hybrid. We only use patented SlingRings rings.
    Difficulty level:
  4. Water slings
    Having children should never limit you from having a fun, adventurous life; especially when it comes to playing in water.
    That’s why we’ve designed our water slings to protect your baby and keep them close while you’re at the pool, beach or even while showering. Double layered, breathable, and quick drying, they’re ideal for water adventures.
    Difficulty level: