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Pebbles Honey

08/07/2015 3:00 PM EDT

2015-08-07 15:00:00 2015-08-07 15:30:00 America/Aruba Kokoskaa Release Pebbles Honey www.kokoskaa.com Kokoskaa info@kokoskaa.com


Ringslings Instructions

1. To start, hold up the two rings.

2. Pass the tail of the wrap up through both rings.

3. Pass the tail back through the bottom ring and over the top ring.

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4. The wrap should lead from inside the rings and back around, looping over the top ring and through the inside of the bottom ring.

5. Slip the ring sling over your head. The rings should be on front with the sewn shoulder cupping your shoulder. its best to start with the rings high.

6. Now grab your baby.

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7. Place baby on the shoulder opposite the rings and slide them into the ring sling, their tummy to yours and fully upright. Pull the fabric so that it is smooth across your back, moving all excess fabric towards the rings. Make a seat for the baby by distributing the bottom rail knee to knee, keeping that rail taut. The wrap should cover baby’s back.

8. Tighten the ring sling by supporting baby’s weight with one arm and pulling the wrap through the rings, starting with the bottom and top rails. When tightening, the wrap pull in the same direction from how the wrap lays on the baby’s body. This will keep the rings from sliding down towards the baby.Once the rails are tightened, work out any slack in the body of the carrier.

9. Baby should feel secure, have a fully supported back, and be close enough to kiss. The airway should be open and clear. For the most comfort and support, the ring sling should cup the shoulder and lay smoothly across the back.

Kokoskaa Kokoskaa Kokoskaa