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08/07/2015 3:00 PM EDT

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Delano San Diego Ring Sling

$ 61.00

Sold Out

Delano San Diego

Is Kokoskaa's very FIRST Delano released in the exciting Eco2 Cotton blend. Eco2 Cotton is, as you can probably guess: eco friendly! For this release, we are thrilled to shine a light on the process of this incredibly special fiber.

To start out, articles of clothing such as pants and shirts are cut from a pattern. This creates odds and ends known as scraps. These scraps are then shredded and become reclaimed fiber. Used clothing is also used for this process. After the reclaimed fiber is created, all of that awesome yarn is woven into new apparel, hosiery, or (you guessed it!) wraps! The yarn does not impact the environment with another dye process, as the colors are maintained in their original state. All of this happens right here in the U.S.A.! We are so proud to source and integrate this fantastic fiber into the Kokoskaa brand.

Of course, in terms of Delano San Diego, what does this mean for wrapping qualities?

San Diego is, hands down, the ULTIMATE toddler wrap. With grip and "cush" for days, your wrappee will be nearly weightless on your shoulders. Making passes in multi-pass carries will require some effort, but you will be highly rewarded with an unbudging carry. Long hikes? Grocery trips? All day festivals? Eco2 can handle that.

Delano San Diego will benefit from a breaking in period. We recommend lots of wear and a good steam ironing after washing. Due to its fantastic grippy nature, we consider it to be optimal for experienced wrappers carrying toddlers and big kids.



Made in the United States



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