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08/07/2015 3:00 PM EDT

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Twiller Dreaming (purple weft)

$ 155.00

Sold Out

Twiller is the newest addition to Kokoskaa's gradient series. It is a fairly smooth wrap with mild texture. Twiller is sturdy with minimal stretch, solidly securing your carry (and wiggly baby or toddler) into place. While being thinner in hand and laying flat when wrapped, it also presents nice moldability.
Of all of the weaves featured in our grad series, the Twiller weave presented here is the most suitable for novice wrappers. Twiller breaks in quickly and provides glide with the perfect amount of grip to lock a carry into place. This wrap will carry you perfectly through every stage of your wearing journey.

100% cotton / aprox 280 g/m2 post wash and wear
Suitable for all ages 

Ring Slings are made to order, please leave a comment with your preferred shoulder style, size and ring color.

In order to offer the best price possible to our customers and fans, as we always strive to do, these wraps will include a simple canvas tote. The option to substitute the tote for our signature wrap scrap bag is available for an additional $10! 

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